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The topic of reparations for Poland is frequently discussed in the media and consequently, interest in Poland's claim for reparations is growing.

This page brings together articles published by international English media sources. Where the media is in a different language, this is highlighted below.

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November 2023

19 November: BigNewsNetwork: Poland sets up parliamentary group for WWII reparations | MENAFN: Poland organizes parliamentary assembly for WWII compensations

18 November: ThePressUnited: Poland sets up parliamentary group for WWII reparations

17 November: Parliamentary group set up in Poland to collect reparations from Germany and Russia

16 November: BNNNetwork: Poland Initiates Parliamentary Group for WWII Reparations: A Move Towards Resolving Historical Disputes

11 November: "All is quiet" on the Spree

10 November: PolskieRadio: Polish MPs to persist in push for WWII damages from Russia: deputy FM 

9 November: Deputy Minister Mularczyk’s letter to Polish MPs and senators | APNews: Poland’s outgoing minister asks new legislators to seek further war reparations from Germany | Arkadiusz Mularczyk calls for the continuation of efforts to obtain reparations from Germany | YahooNews: Poland's outgoing minister asks new legislators to seek further war reparations from Germany | TorontoStar: Poland's outgoing minister asks new legislators to seek further war reparations from Germany 

7 November: TVPWorld: Council of Europe publishes report on resolving war reparation disputes

3 November: PAP: Relations between Poland and Germany 'far from desirable' says Minister | TVPWorld: Poland, Germany have different views on European integration: Polish FM

2 November: TheFirstNews: Tusk will give up on claim for WWII damages from Germany says deputy FM


October 2023

31 October: TheFirstNews: Opposition says will be able to get WWII damages from Germany | An Unsettled Crime: The abduction of Polish children by Nazi Germany during World War II

30 October: TVPWorld: Polish MFA working on WWII losses inflicted by the Soviet Union

13 October: Spectator: Poland’s history will play a vital role in its election

12 October: TVPWorld: Germany won’t be able to run from reparations topic: official

11 October: Council of Europe discusses world’s first mechanism for dealing with war reparations

6 October: TheTimes: How Berlin-bashing consumed the Polish election | Reparations from Germany and Russia. Mularczyk: I want to assure you that our actions will continue until they are successful | Warsaw hosted an international conference on war reparations

5 October: Newsweek: Unresolved Past Contradicts Germany's Potential Role on UN Security Council | Opinion | TVPWorld: Americans should understand the issue of WWII reparations for Poland: Dep FM | TVPWorld: London’s Christie’s returns art piece looted by Germany during World War II 

4 October: Deputy Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk meets with Coordinator of German-Polish Intersocietal and Cross-Border Cooperation Dietmar Nietan

3 October: Statement by Government Plenipotentiary for Compensation for Damage Caused by German Aggression and Occupation in 1939–1945 and MFA Secretary of State Arkadiusz Mularczyk | TVPWorld: All actions for encouraging Germany to a war reparations dialogue on the table: Dep FM | Ambassador Wilczek: “My country never received the war compensations it was rightfully due”

2 October: PolskieRadio: Polish FM says Germany avoids responsibility for WWII | TVPWorld: Pilecki Institute reveals historical truth, pressures Germany: Minister in NYC


September 2023

30 September: Poland’s cultural losses due to German wartime destruction are unimaginable

28 September: wPolityce: Letter by the President of the Institute of National Remembrance to German ministries. "An offer to conduct educational activities"

27 September: Breitbart:  Exclusive: Canada Nazi Scandal Demonstrates Dangers of Historical Illiteracy, Says Poland Govt | TVPWorld: Canadian parliament scandal shows lack of World War II knowledge: Polish official

25 September: Breitbart: Ambassador of Poland to Canada on Praising of Waffen SS Soldier: Never Whitewash Such Villains | NotesFromPoland: One-way mirror installed in Warsaw to mark former Jewish ghetto wall

22 September: TVPWorld: More local governments are adopting resolutions on war reparations: deputy FM | TVPWorld: War losses as a result of German aggression conference takes place in Nowy Sącz

21 September: TheFirstNews: Polish, Israeli FMs talk Middle East peace process, German war reparations | TVPWorld: Polish, Israeli FMs discuss Middle East, German war reparations

19 September: Poland launches work on report to detail WWII losses caused by Soviet Union: deputy FM

18 September: GBNews: Poland demands Germany pay war reparations for WWII as EU unity splinters | Politico: Poland’s ruling party hopes call for German war reparations can swing election

17 September: Minister Mularczyk in the UK’s Parliament: “Poland was never compensated after WW2” | Ambassador Piotr Wilczek’s speech at the unveiling of the exhibition “Polish losses during WW2” in the UK Parliament

15 September: TVPWorld: Time must not be a factor while evaluating reparation claims: Poland at UN | Poland seeks support from allies in push for WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM

14 September: TVPWorld: Exhibition on Poland’s WWII losses to open in British Parliament

13 September: TheFirstNews: Poland to compile report on WWII losses caused by Soviet Union | TVPWorld: Poland soon to probe WWII losses inflicted by USSR | PolandDaily24: Poland Prepares Comprehensive Report on Losses Incurred Due to Soviet Actions

12 September: Exhibition on Polish losses during WW2 in the UK Parliament

11 September: BNNNetwork: Grasping the Intricacies of War Reparations

5 September: Minister Mularczyk in London: “Many in the UK support WW2 reparations for Poland from Germany” 

4 September: PolskieRadio: Polish deputy FM says Germany must pay for WWII | PolandDaily24: Congressman Smith Calls on US Government to Back Poland’s Request for Talks with Germany on WWII Reparations | TVPWorld: Families of six Italians killed by Nazis to receive EUR 12 mln compensation | Germany 'failing in moral responsibility' for restitution of Nazi-looted art | BNNNetwork: The Cry for Justice: Poland’s Stand on War Reparations

3 September: SkyNews: World War Two: Italian man set to get over £110,000 in compensation after great-grandfather hanged by Nazi troops | Brietbart: Rep. Chris Smith: U.S. Should Support Poland’s Demands for WWII Reparations From Germany | BNNNetwork: Germany’s Post-War Reparations to Poland: A Contemporary Readdressing of Contentious Debates | i24news: Italy begins paying compensation for Nazi war crimes | Reuters: Eighty years on, Italian victims of Nazi crimes finally to get compensation

2 September: PolandDaily24: Berlin refuses to pay reparations 84 years after Germany attacked Poland | TVPWorld: WWII forced labor in Germany not fully reckoned by perpetrators

1 September: PM calls for reparations at ceremony marking 84th anniversary of WWII | DailyMail: EXCLUSIVE: Poland's Europe minister ARKADIUSZ MULARCZYK insists Germany must pay £1.1TRILLION in reparations for damage wrought by the Nazis as his country marks anniversary of Hitler's attack on Gdansk which triggered WWII in 1939 | TVPWorld: Germans systematically destroyed foundations of Polish nation: Polish culture min | TVPWorld: Germany cannot evade reparations issue, deputy FM writes in U.K. press | PolskieRadio: Polish culture minister urges Germany to pay WWII damages | TVN24: President Duda: nothing will change the history and the historical truth | It has been a year since Poland requested war reparations from Germany | TVPWorld: German plan to honor Poles killed in WWII may prove empty: Polish official | TVPWorld: Time heals all wounds, but it is our duty to remember: Deputy PM | TVP World: Normal relations with Germany impossible without WWII reparations: PM | TVPWorld: Nothing will change historical truth about WWII: President at Westerplatte | TheFirstNews: Polish embassy in Berlin remembers war dead on anniversary of outbreak | VoiceofEurope: Poland demands reparations from Germany for the period of World War II


August 2023

31 August: NotesFromPoland: Congressman calls for US to support Poland’s war reparations claim against Germany | Wielun: First Polish town to demand WW2 reparations from Germany | PolskieRadio: Polish deputy FM hails local councillors’ call for WWII damages from Germany | Deutsches Polen Institut [in German]: Fates from Poland: 1939 to 1945. Remembering Locally & Digitally | TVPWorld: U.S. official asks gov’t to back Poland’s WWII reparations claim | Rise in Inquiries Relating to Nazi Persecution in 2023

30 August: Congressman Chris Smith: Rep. Smith urges US Government to support Poland’s call for discussions with Germany on World War II losses | NotesFromPoland: Polish town that was first to be attacked in WWII calls for reparations from Germany | TheFirstNews: US official asks government to support Poland's war reparations claim | NotesfromPoland: German unveils plans for Berlin centre commemorating Poland’s WW2 victims 

29 August: TVPWorld: Polish-German House in Berlin to commemorate terror of WWII occupation | Berlin unveils plans for memorial to Polish victims of Nazis | Barron's: Germany Plans Berlin Memorial For Polish Victims Of Nazis | Secretary of State Arkadiusz Mularczyk meets German Ambassador Designate to Poland Viktor Elbling

28 August: Bombing of Prudential – a shocking example of how Germany reduced Warsaw to rubble in WWII | American rabbis: “Germany has a moral obligation to pay war reparations to Poland”

25 August: Polanddaily24: Unveiling a Moral Imperative: US Rabbis Support Poland’s WWII Reparations Claim | BrusselsSignal: Poland says German claims it had waived its reparations rights is incorrect

24 August: US rabbis voice support for Poland's WWII reparations claim | PolandPostsEnglish: American Rabbis: From a moral point of view, Poland’s demands for reparations from Germany for war losses need to be resolved | 70 Years On: Poland’s Unresolved Debates Over World War II Reparations

23 August: Poland never renounced war reparations from Germany, says deputy FM | Tensions Rise: Legal Efforts Sparked Between Germany and Poland Over War Reparations

20 August: eumorningpost: Poland increases efforts to secure WWII reparations from Germany: deputy foreign minister

19 August: Poland says it stepped up push for WWII reparations from Germany | Poland says it stepped up push for WWII reparations from Germany

18 August: TVPWorld: Culture ‘most important element’ of nation’s identity: minister | Poland ramps up bid for WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM

4 August: TheFirstNews: Don’t mention the war? Why Poland won’t give up on its claims for WWII reparations | EU split as Poland likens Germany to 'Putin's Russia' in World War 2 compensation row

2 August: PolandDaily24: Premier Morawiecki Appeals to Olaf Scholz for Talks on Reparations for German Crimes

1 August: TVPWorld: A mark of ‘mourning and shame’: German diplomatic posts in Poland lower flags | TheFirstNews: Extraordinary collection of rare photos capture the horror and destruction of the Warsaw Uprising | Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appeals to Warsaw Mayor to sign a joint letter


July 2022

28 July: Arkadiusz Mularczyk awarded by "Children of War" Association | World War II reparations row deepens as Greece backs Poland's claim against Germany

25 July: Breitbart: If Germany Wants to Set an Example to Russia on Ukraine War, it Can Start by Paying Reparations For WW2, Says Poland | World War II reparations row deepens as Greece backs Poland's claim against Germany

21 July: TheFirstNews: Polish official asks German FM for meeting about Germany's 'difficult past' | TVPWorld: Polish Deputy foreign minister urges Germany to confront difficult past

19 July: Time for a Report About the Polish War Losses as a Result of the Actions of the Soviet Union

6 July: Exclusive: ‘We cannot build fair, solid relations between Poland and Germany without settling the issue of war reparations,’ says Polish deputy foreign minister

1 July: Poland pressures Germany on war reparations | How serious are Poland's demands for WWII reparations from Germany?


June 2023

30 June: ZeroHedge: Germany's Ruling SPD Party Ready To Talk WWII Reparations With Poland

28 June: euronews: Polish descendants of Nazi victims demand compensation from Germany | Exclusive: Germany’s ruling SPD ready to talk WWII reparations with Poland

27 June: Germany fears EU plan to use Russian assets for Ukraine’s reconstruction could aid Poland’s WWII damages claim: report

26 June: TVPWorld: Germany fears use of seized Russian assets because of Poland’s reparation claims: FT

22 June: TVPWorld: Berlin cannot ignore Polish calls for war reparations forever: British weekly | Germany can't ignore Polish reparation claims writes Spectator

21 June: Spectator: Germany can’t continue to ignore Polish pleas for war Conference "Post-conflict justice: opening legal paths" in Athens NotesFromPoland: Families of Polish WWII victims sue German firms for millions in compensation | NotesFromPoland: Germany can't ignore Polish reparation claims writes Spectator | PolskieRadio: 'Germany can't continue to ignore Polish pleas for war reparations': The Spectator

20 June: TVPWorld: Polish foundation files lawsuits against two German companies | TheFirstNews: Polish WW2 victims sue Germany’s Henschel, Bayer corporations

16 June: The European Conservative: Pay Up! Greece and Poland Demand €1.6 Trillion in War Reparations from Germany | TVPWorld: Israel should join Poland in seeking WWII reparations from Germany: dep FM | The issue of German Reparations in international organisations and Greek-Polish cooperation – the Greek issue

15 June: Polish deputy PM accuses Germany of refusing to help recover art stolen in WWII: report | npr: Germany will pay more than $1.4 billion next year to survivors of Nazi atrocities | 77 Years Ago, the Veit Stoss Altar Returned to Poland What about other works of art looted by the Germans?

14 June: TVPWorld: Dep. FM: Poland has internationalized reparations from Germany discussion

13 June: Germany must pay WWII reparations to Poland: Greek ex-president | Germany must pay WWII reparations to Greece, Poland: Former Greek president | AP News: Poland seeks ally in Greece in campaign for World War II reparations | Fox News: Poland and Greece join forces in expanding WWII reparations campaign against Germany | Former Greek Ambassador to Poland: “Issue of WW2 reparations requires the cooperation of Greece and Poland”

6 June: TheFirstNews: Germany to pay reparations if ruling party wins election says deputy FM

5 June: New exhibition highlights Poland’s destruction by Germany in WWII

2 June: Poland urges German MPs to start dialogue on WWII damages: deputy FM | Information campaign on reparations from Germany sets off


May 2023

30 May: TVPWorld: International conference on war reparations from Germany scheduled for June | GreekReporter: Greece and Poland Join Forces to Seek German War Reparations | Polish officials to attend conference in Greece on WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM | Poland Seeks Help from Greece on German War Reparations

29 May: PolandDaily24: Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Sends Letter to Bundestag MPs Regarding Polish WWII Losses

28 May: TheFirstNews: Bundestag MPs to receive letter about Polish WWII losses | Poland Posts English: Reparations from Germany. “Poland an important voice on the international arena”

26 May: TVPWorld: Polish dep FM sends WWII reparations letters to all German MPs | Poland will not give up on war reparations demand from Germany, says premier | Warsaw Point: Polish Dep FM Sends WWII Reparations Letters To All German MPs

25 May: TVPWorld: Poland and Greece could cooperate on war reparations from Germany: Polish envoy | TVPWorld: Berlin showing lack of willingness to talk about reparations: Polish Dep FM | Social Bites: Polish ambassador in Athens: The question of reparations from Germany is an area for cooperation between Poland and Greece. ‘Greek side is interested’ | Poland Posts English: Golden opportunity-The Poles request cooperation with Greece for the payment of war reparations from Germany

24 May: NotesfromPoland: Don’t open “Pandora’s box” of WWII reparations, German ambassador warns Poland | | Topic of German WW2 reparations to Poland is ‘Pandora's box,’ says German ambassador 

23 May: TVPWorld: Germany should commemorate Polish WWII victims: dep FM | PolandDaily24: Controversy in Poland: Delegation’s Shocking Observations and Minister’s Aggressive Remarks | Warsaw urges Berlin to commemorate Polish WWII victims

22 May: TheFirstNews: Poland preparing a report on war losses caused by USSR | TVPWorld: Report on war losses caused by USSR underway in Poland | PAP: Poland preparing a report on war losses caused by USSR | PolandDaily24: Poland Engages in Documenting War Losses Attributed to the USSR

19 May: Poland intensifies push for WWII damages from Germany

18 May: Financial Times: Why Poles are right to seek reparations from Germany

15 May: Remix News: Germany should at least consider Poland’s claim for war reparations, says top SPD politician

13 May: ElEspanol: Los crímenes de la Alemania nazi reviven en Polonia (Spanish)

10 May: PolandDaily24: Dep FM Mularczyk about German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s tweet: “It is a part of a well-thought-out policy of washing away Germany’s responsibility for war crimes”

5 May: Gis Reports Online: Breaking the German-Polish deadlock

4 May: PolandDaily24: Poland in talks with Germany over WWII Reparations

2 May: Financial Times: Poland and Germany: the feud at the heart of Europe

1 May: What Can the Polish Diaspora Together with the Polish Government Do About Reparations from Germany? Historical Justice for Poland


April 2023

29 April: “We take up the topic of war reparations because we can” – Kurier Wileński

27 April: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland: Our AGM with a guest speech by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland

26 April: Poland holds Council of Europe seminar on WWII damages from Germany

23 April: [Turkish]: Polonya, Almanya'dan istenen "savaş" tazminatına destek için Türkiye dahil ülkelerle görüşmeye hazır | SocialBites: What does the resolution say about reparations? Deputy Minister Mularczyk: The government is unequivocally stating that the case has never been closed | Turkey Posts English: Poland is ready to meet with countries, including Turkey, to support the “war” reparations demanded from Germany

19 April: Euractiv: Polish resolution demands war reparations from Germany

18 April: TVP World: WWII reparations from Germany were never settled: Polish govt’s Polish gov’t adopts resolution to seek WWII damages from Germany | The Warsaw Voice: Reparations from Germany again | Poland says issues for Germany's WWII reparations not solved yet

14 April: TVP World: Poland is recovering artworks taken during WWII: Polish official | The First News: War reparations for Poland not a matter of if but when says PAP CEO | BNN Network: Polish Foreign Minister Demands Germany Address Longstanding War Reparations Issue | Poland Posts English: Congress of National Remembrance. Mularczyk: Poland has never renounced war reparations from Germany | Warsaw Point: Poland Is Recovering Artworks Taken During WWII: Polish Official

7 April: LaRazón (Spanish): Arkadiusz Mularczyk: «Nos decepcionó la negativa de Alemania a hacer frente a su deber» | TVP World: We expect to start debate with Germany over war reparations: Polish official | Warsaw Point: We Expect To Start Debate With Germany Over War Reparations: Polish Official | Polish deputy FM proposes new move to make Germany pay WWII damages

2 April: The First News: EU minister calls for German action in support of Ukraine (Paragraph about reparations at the end of the article)


March 2023

28 March: Polish report on WWII losses will be distributed in Germany, says deputy FM

27 March: TVP World: Polish-German dialogue continues as Polish deputy FM travels to Berlin

21 March: Press conference on the legitimacy of Poland’s claim for war reparations from the Federal Republic of Germany

20 March: TVP World: West knows nothing about German war crimes committed in Poland: Polish Dep FM

17 March Art stolen by Nazi Germany returns to Polish museum

5 March: The First News: Poland to seek int'l support for claiming war reparations from Germany | Warsaw Point: Poland To Seek Int’l Support For Claiming War Reparations From Germany

3 March: TVP World: In time everybody will support Polish reparation claims: FM spokesman

2 March: TVP World: I see scope for cooperation with U.S. on WWII reparations from Germany: dep FM

1 March: [Spanish] El Debate: Polonia reclama las pérdidas provocadas por la ocupación alemana durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial


February 2023

19 February: Politico: Germany needs to take reparation-minded Poles seriously

16 February: Poland inspired by Greece to seek WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM

14 February: Polish American group asks US Congress to help Poland secure WWII damages from Germany

11 February: The First News: Polish Americans support Poland’s claim for war reparations from Germany | Polish American community backs Poland’s demand for war reparations from Germany

8 February: “US Congressmen are stunned Germany didn’t pay war reparations to Poland” – says Arkadiusz Mularczyk

7 February: Polish Minister visiting US seeking support for Poland’s efforts to get reparations from Germany | Poland insists on talks with Germany over WWII damages: ambassador

3 February: Zaborona: Reparations for Poland: Why Is Germany against It and What Should Russia Prepare For? Analysis of Zaborona | Polish deputy FM, UN officials discuss WWII damages from Germany

2 February: The First News: Surprising interest in US for Polish WWII reparations claim says dep min | Deputy Minister Reports Unexpected Interest in US in Poland’s WWII Reparations Demand | Polish deputy FM says there's 'scope for cooperation' with US on WWII damages from Germany | Warsaw Point: Surprsing Interest In US For Polish WWII Reparations Claim Says Dep Min | Warsaw Point: I See Scope For Cooperation With U.S. On WWII Reparations From Germany: Dep FM


January 2023

30 January: TVP World: Polish official commences visit to U.S., reparations from Germany on the agenda

26 January: TVP World: We call on EU Council for resolution on WWII reparations from Germany: official | Poland urges Council of Europe resolution on WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM | Polish deputy FM to begin weeklong US visit on Sunday

24 January: Morawiecki publishes Polish demands in German "Der Spiegel"

10 January: Poland asks US Congress to help obtain WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM | Poland requests US Congress Committees to back its compensation claims for losses caused by German aggression and occupation in 1939-45 | Poland asks US Congress to help obtain WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM

7 January: DW: Poland pressures Germany on war reparations

6 January: Poland, Germany should negotiate reparations: US WW2 Veteran

4 January: CNN: Poland says Germany refused talks on World War II reparations | Poland to push Germany for WWII reparations, says minister | TVP World: It is Poland's duty to seek war reparations: Polish official | Poland rejects Germany’s reply over WWII damages: deputy FM | Polish deputy FM to discuss WWII compensation from Germany on US trip

3 January: AP News: Germany refuses WWII reparations talks, Poland turns to UN | Reuters: Poland says Germany refused talks on World War Two reparations | Guardian: Germany spurns renewed Polish call for war reparations | Notes From Poland: Germany formally rejects Poland’s demand for war reparations | Fox News: Poland asks UN to step in as it pushes Germany for WWII reparations | Germany officially refused to pay reparations to Poland for WWII | Polish deputy FM slams ‘disrespectful’ German reply to Warsaw over WWII damages


December 2022

28 December: TVP World: Poland sends over 50 diplomatic notes on WWII reparations from Germany

17 December: Notes From Poland: Poland seeks UNESCO help in returning art looted by Germany in WWII

12 December: Issue of WWII damages from Germany still open: Polish deputy FM in Berlin

6 December: PAP: WW2 reparations fundamental for Poland, says dep FM | The First News: WW2 reparations fundamental for Poland, says dep FM | Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister is in Germany to talk about war reparations


November 2022

24 November: Euractiv: Poland seeks allies for German WW2 reparations claim

23 November: Diplomatic note on war reparations sent to EU, NATO, CoE countries | Poland sends diplomatic note to 50 countries as it seeks WWII damages from Germany: deputy FM

7 November: Poland to launch info campaign for war damages from Germany: ruling party leader


October 2022

31 October: Polish deputy FM says war damages from Germany 'a top priority' for Warsaw

29 October: European Conservative: Reparations to Legitimize Punishing Russia

28 October: Poland demands EUR 1.3 trillion in compensation from Germany for WWII losses: foreign ministry

27 October: Notes From Poland: Every Polish citizen should receive war reparations from Germany, says official overseeing claim | Key points of Warsaw’s diplomatic note to Berlin on WWII reparations to be made public: MP

25 October: Die Welt asked German MPs about war reparations for Poland

19 October: German national TV broadcaster rejected Polish claims for WWII reparations

18 October: Notes From Poland: Why has the Polish government raised the German war reparations issue? | Polish Politics Blog: Why has the Polish government raised the German war reparations issue?

12 October: AICGS: Reparations Reprise

10 October: Notes From Poland: NfP podcast: “We have the right to German reparations” – interview with MP behind Poland’s claim

7 October: “The subject of reparations is by no means open” – insists German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

6 October: Issue of WWII reparations for Poland closed, German foreign ministry tells Polish Radio

4 October: AP News: German minister tells Poland no chance for WWII reparations | Reuters: Germany's WW2 reparations stance can change, says Polish minister | Politico: Germany says issue of WWII reparations for Poland ‘closed’ | Euronews: Poland formally demands €1.3 trillion from Germany in WWII reparations | RTL: Germany Denies Poland's Request for WWII Reparations Talks

3 October: Reuters: Polish foreign minister signs diplomatic note to Germany on WW2 reparations | EU Observer: Poland insists on German WW2 reparations | PAP: FM signs reparations note to Germany | “The topic of war reparations is closed” – says German Foreign Minister | Newsmax: Poland Demands $1.3 Trillion in war Damages from Germany


September 2022

21 September: What’s Behind Poland’s Reparation Debate?

9 September: Notes From Poland: The legal questions behind Poland’s claim for war reparations from Germany | Newsmax: Why Poland Is Still Due Reparations From WWII

7 September: Spectator: Why Germany must pay war reparations to Poland; Euractiv: ‘Never again’, Poland’s case for war reparations | Euractiv: Most Poles believe Germany should pay Poland war reparations

2 September: EU Observer: Poland seeks €1.3 trillion in German WWII reparations | Euractiv: Poland to demand €1.3 trillion in war reparations from Germany | PAP: Time for German war reparations says Kaczynski | Poland Asks Germany for War Reparations of 1.3 Trillion Euros | itv news: Germany rejects Poland's claim it owes €1.3 trillion in war reparations

1 September: AP News: Poland demands $1.3 trillion war reparations from Germany | Reuters: Poland puts its WW2 losses at $1.3 trillion, demands German reparations | Politico: Poland to Germany: Pay up! | Notes From Poland: Poland to seek war reparations from Germany to cover losses of $1.3 trillion | CTVNews: Poland demands US$1.3 trillion war reparations from Germany


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