On 28 February, the Jan Karski Institute of War Losses hosted twenty young lawyers from Düsseldorf who are currently participating in an internship programme with a district court in Düsseldorf. The young lawyers came to Poland for a five-day study visit.

After being welcomed by the Director of the Institute, Professor Konrad Wnęk, the Germans listened to short presentations given by experts. Professor Wnęk spoke about the main theses of The Report on the Losses Sustained by Poland as a Result of German Aggression and Occupation during the Second World War, 1939-1945, and gave a presentation on Poland's demographic losses incurred during the war. Dr Tomasz Luterek then sketched a picture of material losses, followed by Dr Paweł Pońsko's macro-economic analysis of the effects of the Second World War.

The young lawyers also had the opportunity to view a short presentation showing photographs documenting Poland's wartime destruction, and the wartime atrocities and crimes committed by the Germans. The final part of the meeting was the moving testimony of special guest Mr Antoni Kwasniewski who represented the Union of Associations of Children of War.
After the official speeches, the discussion began. The guests discussed the Institute's origins, the methodology used by the team who prepared the War Report, with particular emphasis on economic issues, and present and future Polish-German relations.

All participants in the meeting received English-language, abridged versions of the War Report. Mr Grappa was also presented with the full War Report in English.

More photos from the event can be found in our gallery: WIZYTA STUDYJNA - DELEGACJA Z DÜSSELDORFU.